descriptionThe primary client, uses wxPython to look like a native application on Windows, Mac OS X and Linux (Gnome).
ownerTim Ansell
last changeSat, 14 Aug 2010 03:15:04 +0000 (20:15 -0700)
2010-08-14 Tim 'mithro... Submodule bump. tp04
2010-08-14 Tim 'mithro... Sub-module bump.
2010-08-14 Tim 'mithro... Fixed the turn number stuff.
2010-08-13 Tim 'mithro... Add fallback on the SystemIcons overlay.
2010-08-13 Tim 'mithro... Fixing clicking on Path.
2010-08-13 Tim 'mithro... ABS velocity is greater than zero.
2010-08-13 Tim 'mithro... Fix the hidden update window problem.
2010-08-12 Vincent VerhoevenMade starmap zoom with mouse wheel.
2010-08-13 Tim 'mithro... Merge branch 'tp04' of git+ssh://git.thousandparsec...
2010-08-13 Tim 'mithro... Make multipoint objects work a little nicer.
2010-08-13 Tim 'mithro... Allow order inside a layer.
2010-08-13 Tim 'mithro... Path and Velocity overlays can now be toggled using...
2010-08-13 Tim 'mithro... Convert to the new AUI in wxPython 2.8
2010-08-13 Tim 'mithro... Adding toggle buttons for the overlays.
2010-08-13 Tim 'mithro... Fix the display of the object.
2010-08-12 Tim 'mithro... Adding an overlay which draws the ship velocity.
9 years ago TPCLIENT_PYWX_0_3_2 Tagged for the 0.3.2 release.
10 years ago TPCLIENT_PYWX_0_3_1_1 Fix for a major bug in 0.3.1
10 years ago TPCLIENT_PYWX_0_3_1 Finally tagged 0.3.1 only 2 days...
10 years ago TPCLIENT_PYWX_0_3_0
10 years ago TPCLIENT_PYWX_0_2_99 Start of the development version
11 years ago TPCLIENT_PYWX_0_2_2 TPCLIENT_PYWX_0_2_2
11 years ago TPCLIENT_PYWX_0_2_1 TPCLIENT_PYWX_0_2_1
11 years ago TPCLIENT_PYWX_0_2_0 TPCLIENT_PYWX_0_2_0
11 years ago TPCLIENT_PYWX_0_1_0 TPCLIENT_PYWX_0_1_0
11 years ago TPCLIENT_PYWX_0_0_10 TPCLIENT_PYWX_0_0_10
11 years ago PYWX_CLIENT_0_0_3 PYWX_CLIENT_0_0_3
11 years ago PYWX_CLIENT_0_0_2 PYWX_CLIENT_0_0_2
11 years ago PYWX_CLIENT_0_0_1 PYWX_CLIENT_0_0_1
7 years ago tp04
9 years ago schemepy