descriptionA library for working with the Thousand Parsec protocol in Python. Supports development of both servers and clients.
ownerTim Ansell
last changeSat, 14 Aug 2010 00:26:44 +0000 (17:26 -0700)
2010-08-14 Tim 'mithro... Include the id in the repr. tp04
2010-08-12 Tim 'mithro... Adding an "Influence" parameter.
2010-08-11 Tim 'mithro... Return the frame on time remaining.
2010-08-11 Tim 'mithro... Adding the waiting player list to TimeRemaining.
2010-08-10 Tim 'mithro... Adding the Player ID functions.
2010-08-10 Tim 'mithro... Adding .swo files to ignore.
2010-08-10 Tim 'mithro... Fixing unicode for all strings.
2010-08-10 Tim 'mithro... Updating IDSequence to request only existing objects.
2010-08-10 Tim 'mithro... Adding .swp to the ignore file.
2010-08-10 Tim 'mithro... Adding support for creation time in the game object.
2010-08-10 Tim 'mithro... Fixing xstruct for Python 2.5
2010-08-10 Tim 'mithro... Allow serialization the ObjectDesc object.
2010-08-09 Tim 'mithro... Adding OrderQueue stuff.
2009-07-01 GreywhindFixed small protocol update in, where orders...
2009-07-01 Tim AnsellMake the extra data stuff work correctly.
2009-06-07 Tim AnsellSmall fix an small copy from ObjectDesc error.
9 years ago LIBTPPROTO_0_2_5 Tagged for 0.2.5 release.
9 years ago LIBTPPROTO_0_2_4 Version 0.2.4 of libtpproto-py.
10 years ago LIBTPPROTO_0_2_3
11 years ago LIBTPPROTO_0_2_2 LIBTPPROTO_0_2_2
11 years ago LIBTPPROTO_0_2_1 LIBTPPROTO_0_2_1
11 years ago LIBTPPROTO_0_2_0 LIBTPPROTO_0_2_0
11 years ago LIBTPPROTO_PY_0_1_0 LIBTPPROTO_PY_0_1_0
7 years ago tp04
9 years ago config