descriptionA client-side protocol and game library in C++
ownerLee Begg
last changeTue, 10 Aug 2010 05:09:12 +0000 (17:09 +1200)
2010-08-10 Lee BeggUpdate for protocol changes. master
2010-08-10 Lee BeggFixed missing include
2010-04-06 Lee BeggUpdate to m4 macros for Boost, and extra headers.
2009-08-05 Lee BeggAdded test to make sure that DisconnectedException...
2009-08-05 Lee BeggImproved documentation and test around disconnection.
2009-07-27 Lee BeggOnly trigger GameStatusListener::connected after receiv...
2009-07-26 Lee BeggAdded access to GameInfo, both for all the games on...
2009-07-25 Lee BeggBetter documentation in GameStatusListener.
2009-07-21 Lee BeggFixed small issue with ordering of connecting and addin...
2009-07-20 Lee BeggFixed incorrect tests for eventloop.
2009-06-10 Lee BeggProtect against segfault if EventLoop is not set.
2009-04-25 Lee BeggFixed obviously wrong documentation in cache.h
2009-04-25 Lee BeggPlayer cache now uses GetPlayerIdsList when available.
2009-04-25 Lee BeggAdded GetPlayerIdsList and PlayerIdsList to protocol...
2009-04-25 Lee BeggAdded GetPlayerIdsList and PlayerIdsList frames to...
2009-04-06 Lee BeggConnect up the ObjectParameters and ObjectParameterGrou...
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