descriptionA library which includes nice features for developing clients in python, includes things like caching support.
ownerTim Ansell
last changeSat, 14 Aug 2010 03:13:53 +0000 (20:13 -0700)
2010-08-14 Tim 'mithro... Bump cache version. tp04
2010-08-14 Tim 'mithro... Merge branch 'tp04' of git+ssh://git.thousandparsec...
2010-08-14 Tim 'mithro... ChangeList now has a custom pickle/unpickle methods.
2010-08-13 Tim 'mithro... Possible assert which could be useful later.
2010-08-13 Tim 'mithro... Make the error messages more informative.
2010-08-12 Vincent VerhoevenAdd number of players to server for singleplayer.
2010-08-12 Tim 'mithro... Adding GetVelocityList function.
2010-08-12 Tim 'mithro... Fix the removal of objects.
2010-08-12 Tim 'mithro... Adding ability to get influences.
2010-08-11 Tim 'mithro... Method to get remaining time.
2010-08-11 Tim 'mithro... Adding a warning assert.
2010-08-11 Tim 'mithro... Merge branch 'tp04' of git+ssh://git.thousandparsec...
2010-08-11 Tim 'mithro... Added findChildren utility function.
2010-08-10 Tim 'mithro... Use the player get ids funcions.
2010-08-10 Tim 'mithro... Merge branch 'github/tp04' into tp04
2010-08-10 Tim 'mithro... Updating to include .swo
9 years ago LIBTPCLIENT_0_3_2 Tagged for release.
10 years ago LIBTPCLIENT_0_3_1_1 Fix for a serious bug in 0.3.1
10 years ago LIBTPCLIENT_0_3_1
10 years ago LIBTPCLIENT_0_3_0
10 years ago LIBTPCLIENT_0_2_99 Tag for the start of the developmen...
11 years ago LIBTPCLIENT_0_2_2 LIBTPCLIENT_0_2_2
11 years ago LIBTPCLIENT_0_2_1 LIBTPCLIENT_0_2_1
11 years ago LIBTPCLIENT_0_2_0 LIBTPCLIENT_0_2_0
7 years ago tp04
9 years ago schemepy