Project Description Owner Last Change
daneel-ai.git An advanced rule based AI... Vincent Verhoeven 7 years ago
documents.git A repository containing import... Lee Begg 7 years ago
gentoo-overlay.git The overlays needed to build... Aaron Mavrinac 5 years ago
libtpclient-py.git A library which includes nice... Tim Ansell 7 years ago
libtpproto-cpp.git A client-side protocol and... Lee Begg 7 years ago
libtpproto-py.git A library for working with... Tim Ansell 7 years ago
libtprl.git A C++ Readline wrapper. Lee Begg 8 years ago
obsolete/battleviewer.git A stand-alone program for... Landon Fowles 8 years ago
obsolete/galaxie.git A client which uses the E... Lee Begg 9 years ago
obsolete/gencon-rfts-ai.git An AI based around a Genetic... Victor Ivri 9 years ago
obsolete/libmng-py.git A library for accessing and... Tim Ansell 11 years ago
obsolete/libtpproto-java.git A client-side protocol and... Krzysztof Sobolewski 9 years ago
obsolete/libtpproto-php.git A library for working with... Tim Ansell 10 years ago
obsolete/libtpproto-rb.git A library for working with... Matthew Draper 9 years ago
obsolete/libtpproto2-py.git A rewrite of libtpproto-py... Steven Wallace 7 years ago
obsolete/metaserver-lite.git A very simple implimentation... Tim Ansell 10 years ago
obsolete/parsek.git A client for KDE 4 written... Jure Repinc 10 years ago
obsolete/ruleset-book.git Book on developing Ruleset... Lee Begg 8 years ago
obsolete/sandbox.git A sandbox for people to play in. nobody 9 years ago
obsolete/schemepy.git A library which allows you... Chiyuan Zhang 9 years ago
obsolete/scratchpad.git Various scripts and other... Tim Ansell 8 years ago
obsolete/template.git Description goes here. Tim Ansell 10 years ago
obsolete/testing.git A repository for doing testing... Tim Ansell 10 years ago
obsolete/tpclient-cpptext.git A simple text test client... Lee Begg 8 years ago
obsolete/tpclient-pyogre.git A client which uses a 3D inter... Eugene Tan Jie Ming 7 years ago
obsolete/tpclient-pytext.git A client written in python... Tim Ansell 9 years ago
obsolete/tpclient-pyweb.git A client which lets you access... Joel Bohman 8 years ago
obsolete/tpruledev.git A program which lets you quick... James Gardner 10 years ago
obsolete/tpsai-py.git A very basic AI which is desig... Tim Ansell 9 years ago
obsolete/tpserver-py.git A server written in Python. Juan Lafont 8 years ago
obsolete/tpviewer-pygame.git Simple "viewer" program. Not... Tim Ansell 10 years ago
obsolete/web.git The Thousand Parsec main website. Tim Ansell 3 years ago
tpadmin-cpp.git An administration client for... Aaron Mavrinac 7 years ago
tpclient-pywx.git The primary client, uses wxPyt... Tim Ansell 7 years ago
tpserver-cpp.git Thousand Parsec Server in... Lee Begg 6 years ago